What’s on TV: Wednesday, March 6

ABC, 8.30pm

There’s not a hell of a lot that happens in Rosehaven but it’s a nice place to visit for 30 minutes at a time. Plot? This week Daniel (Luke McGregor) and his girlfriend Grace (Katie Robertson) have hit a romantic and domestic slump and leap at the chance to recruit Emma (Celia Pacquola) as their new housemate/secret informer on the other. Emma, meanwhile, lands McCallum Real Estate in hot water with a new block of land she is trying to sell for a man intent on going to visit the quokkas at Rottnest Island, blithely unaware that her move is likely to turn the townspeople against the company. That’s about it – but it’s the daggy, amiable chemistry between co-creators and writers Pacquola and McGregor that gives it a whole lot of heart.

Celia Pacquola in Rosehaven.

Celia Pacquola in Rosehaven.


SBS, 9.35pm

This tale of the scion of former Russian Mafia kingpins exiled in London wraps up with a double-header this week, not without throwing some accidental and intentional parallels to real-life events, such as young businessman Alex (James Norton) taking tea in a fancy cafe with his father’s contact from the Russian embassy (don’t drink the novichok!) and a rather Putin-esque scene on which a shirtless Vadim manfully chops wood. Alex might see himself as British but the looming tragedy of this Russian tableau seems rather inevitably Chekhovian.

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