Perth man accused of using intimate photo to blackmail teen girl into having sex

It’s alleged after she sent him a photo of herself in a bikini, he then threatened to post it online if she did not meet up and have sex with him in exchange for money and ‘treats’.

The teen allegedly felt pressured and agreed to meet Mr Krishnen at a train station. He then took her to his house, had sex with her, and gave her $200.

Mr Krishnen allegedly contacted her again at a later date to meet up, at which point the girl confessed what had happened to her brother, and asked for him to come along to the meet up point, which was in a carpark.

After refusing to get in the car when Mr Krishnen arrived at the car park, the girl walked down the road to where her brother was in the bushes.

When Mr Krishnen followed the girl in his car, the brother walked out in front of the vehicle to confront him at which point Mr Krishnen – according to the girl – ‘floored it’ and drove into the brother, causing his body to smash the front windscreen and roll onto the top of the roof.

The brother suffered a permanent eye injury which impacts his vision.

Mr Krishnen does not deny having sex with the girl, but told police officers after the crash that he thought she was 17 years old, and that he ran down her brother in response to what he felt was an emergency situation.

He also claims he never threatened to post her photo online, but instead was referring to posting screenshots of their text message exchanges.

The message exchanges between the Mr Krishnen and the girl were deleted before Mr Krishnen was charged, so a jury of 13 will have to consider her version of events, and other alleged conduct by Mr Krishnen when determining his innocence or guilt.

Mr Krishnen had multiple Facebook profiles, and allegedly had previously posted an ad on Locanto, an online classified service similar to Craigslist.

The ‘sugar baby’ advert, posted online in 2016, offered $1000 and to spoil ‘girls’ in exchange for casual sex.

«I’m a guy, mid 20s with more than enough … to spoil a girl the way they want … if any young girls keen, hit me up, $1000,» the ad read.

The advert was flagged by police child abuse detectives, who posed as a 14-year-old girl and struck up a conversation online, allegedly with Mr Krishnen, the year before he met the 15-year-old girl through Facebook.

Message exchanges between the undercover police officer and Mr Krishnen allegedly revealed he told her she shouldn’t be responding to his ad if she was only 14, saying «it’s not for kids».

He then, however, continued the conversation, told the girl he was 21, and suggested the pair could meet up for «casual sex and to hang out» in return for her being paid.

«If you want $$ send me a couple of pics then we can talk,» he wrote.

«I promise, I’ll spoil you … money, shopping, clothes, food.»

When the police officer said the girl was a virgin, he replied, «I’ll teach you».

He eventually accused the girl’s account of being fake after several attempts to video call her.

Mr Krishnen is also accused of  trying to convince another 14-year-old he was talking to online to have sex with him two months after talking to the undercover police officer.

Police were alerted to the conversation by the girl’s concerned parents after Mr Krishnen allegedly told her he would pay her $6000 and wanted to meet up to spoil her.

The message threads were deleted from the girl’s computer, but retrieved by WA Police and will be used as evidence during the trial.

Police screenshots of Mr Krishnen’s alleged conversation with an undercover police officer will also be used as evidence.

The 15-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted pre-recorded her evidence.

Mr Krishnen’s lawyer, Sean O’Sullivan, told the jury «things are not always as they seem» and urged them to consider an alternate version of events to that of police.

«Don’t just assume because there is a set of circumstances established … that they necessarily mean what the police and ultimately the state say they mean,» he said.

«There may be an alternate and innocent explanation of the intention.»

He claimed the state’s case would fall short of proving Mr Krishnen intended to compel underage girls into having sex with him, or that he drove dangerously when his car injured one of the girls’ brothers.

Mr Krishnen is charged with dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm, threats with intent to compel the doing of an act, used electronic communication with intent to procure a person under 16 to engage in sexual activity, and sexually penetrated a child under 16.

The trial continues.

Heather McNeill covers breaking news with a focus on crime, courts and Aboriginal affairs for WAtoday.

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