Not even a T-Rex stands in the way of Barton Highway petrol station

«If we get a big gust of wind, then it goes extinct,» he said.

"Stacey" being craned into position on Thursday morning.

«Stacey» being craned into position on Thursday morning.Credit:Jasper Lindell

But, with only some slight massaging at its base from a large angle grinder, the dinosaur, known as Stacey, soon safely touched down in its new spot, overlooking the entrance to the museum building.

Mr Barker said he hoped the new petrol station would bring more traffic to the museum.

He said a new adventure playground was planned and now that the «big dinosaur» had been moved, new landscaping works would begin.

The civil works project would include a service station, car wash and possibly fast food outlets, Mr Barker said.

A development application for a new service station, an access road off the Barton Highway, a new verge crossing, landscaping and other works was conditionally approved in December.

A lease variation would allow new commercial uses on the site and increase the allowed floor area, according to title documents.

The site is owned by the Cusack family, which has sold furniture in the Canberra region for more than 100 years in Yass, Manuka, Kingston and now Fyshwick.

Peter Cusack said the development was a long time coming as the family had been trying to develop the site for «more than 20 years».




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