Coastlines steel Jiyai Shin’s Canberra Classic bid


Shin was initially keen to get behind the wheel of a Kombi van and travel around the coast. While the South Korean star couldn’t find the keys for the vehicles etched in surf folklore, she still got to jump in with a tour company to see the iconic sights.

«Over the past couple of weeks I went to Melbourne with my trainer Richard Nizielski, and we had a great training, hard work to prepare for this week,» Shin said.

«I went to the Great Ocean Road. It was such a great, amazing place. I am still feeling refreshed to play. This is my first trip to the Great Ocean Road, and I took some pictures and sent them to my family.

«They really want to come, so maybe next time in Australia I can have another trip with my family to see the Great Ocean Road and other good places.»

The world No. 25 is just one headliner in a star-studded field boasting former world No. 1 Laura Davies, Hannah Green and Sarah Kemp as she continues her surge back towards the LPGA Tour.

The 30-year-old is desperate to retain her crown but for Shin it is a matter of legacy rather than prizemoney — last year she donated her $22,500 winnings to the ALPG’s next generation rookie camp and other development projects.

Jiyai Shin is eyeing another title in Canberra.

Jiyai Shin is eyeing another title in Canberra.Credit:Colleen Petch

It is a matter of legacy, and of course just as pressing is the chance to get her season off to a stellar start. Shin feels very confident — even a few stray puts during the Pro-Am won’t derail her mindset.

«Straight after this, I have a Japanese event next week which is the opening event of the Japan tour,» Shin said.

Straight after this I go back to Japan, so I unfortunately don’t have time [to explore more sights] even though I want to stay more here. It is just the beginning of the season so there is a lot of good events coming up.

«In Royal Canberra I have such a great memory every time from here. Actually I have two feelings, I have confidence and pressure on me. I’m more excited, I’m very excited to play.

«Last year I had a great year after I won this tournament. This is my first event of this year, so I want to make a good start to my season this year.»


Friday-Sunday: Canberra Classic at Royal Canberra Golf Club.

Caden Helmers is a sports reporter for The Canberra Times

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