Canadarm3 to be part of U.S.-led project to build outpost on the moon

Canada will develop a robotic system to repair and help maintain Lunar Gateway, PM Justin Trudeau announced in St-Hubert Thursday.

ST-HUBERT — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday Canada will join the U.S.-led Lunar Gateway project, a program that is expected to see an outpost built on the moon as well as a docking station for spacecraft and research laboratories.

Canada will develop a smart robotic system dubbed Canadarm3 that will repair and help to maintain the Gateway. It is supposed to move equipment, support spacewalks and handle samples collected on the moon.

Trudeau made the announcement at the Canadian Space Agency in St-Hubert, where journalists more interested in the SNC-Lavalin scandal were in heavy attendance.

The government said Canada will invest $2.05 billion over the next 24 years for Canada’s space program. It is the first update to its space strategy in nearly 25 years.

The Gateway program will also create a meeting spot for further exploration of the moon, and a outpost for future missions to Mars.

Canada’s investment includes $150 million over five years for a new Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program, to help small and medium-sized businesses develop technologies to be used in lunar orbit and on the moon’s surface.

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