Boyd adapting to ‘shock’ of a Broncos life without Bennett

«I’ve had the same guys, Wayne and the performance staff, for 13 years. It wasn’t just Wayne, it was the scheduling and the way we did things has all changed and is new to me.

«But at the same time it’s really exciting. Nothing against the past but there are obviously different ways you can do things. Wayne’s way and Seibs’ way both work.


«I think Seibs is very thorough with what he does. The attention to detail is great, I think with the young squad they really thrive with that and need that.»

Brisbane’s former assistant Jason Demetriou, as well as Bennett’s long-time staff in high-performance boss Jeremy Hickmans, analyst Scott Barker and sports scientist Tannath Scott, were all moved on after the veteran’s departure.

Demetriou has since joined Bennett at South Sydney, while Seibold has brought his own staff with him including performance manager Paul Devlin and assistant Peter Gentle.

Aside from the highly-publicised music and atmosphere at training, the Broncos captain said the biggest difference Seibold had brought with him was more game simulation in the form of full-scale competition at practice.

Anthony Seibold (centre) has brought in some new philosophies to his predecessor Wayne Bennett.

Anthony Seibold (centre) has brought in some new philosophies to his predecessor Wayne Bennett.Credit:AAP

«It’s just a lot of competition at training, a lot of 13-on-13,» Boyd said. «It’s a competition sport and we want to better ourselves.

«I know personally it’s good to go to training and try and compete and get the best out of ourselves.»




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