While you were sleeping: Skunk somehow gets head stuck in beer can

Police were amazed that the skunk, who is in recover, got its head into such a small opening. Skunked beer references were also made.

A skunk got its head stuck in a beer can @BillericaAC via Twitter

Here’s what happened while Claude Julien insisted the Habs were still in the playoff race

The CAQ’s proposal to ban the wearing of religious symbols by state employees was met with mixed reactions in Montreal. In Park Extension, where turbans and hijabs have abounded for decades, the Legault government’s proposed law was met with derision, and the fear that it would stoke violence where before there has always been acceptance. “Canada is one of the best countries in the world,” said Imtiaz, an Indian Muslim who has lived here for 33 years and has run a shop selling saris on Jean Talon Blvd. for the last two decades. “But now I fear we are going in the opposite direction.” But at Place Versailles shopping complex in Montreal’s east end, 34-year-old Irina Simova was adamant that state and religion should not mix. An atheist who came over from Russia 20 years ago, she argues that seeing people in positions of authority like police or teachers wearing religious garb is a way of imposing one’s religion on another, or on one’s children: “People in a position of authority, like a judge, should be neutral, so the person being served doesn’t fear a bias, or isn’t treated in a biased way.”

Rev. Claude Grou said he was happy to be back delivering mass a week after he was stabbed at the altar. He resumed his duties at St. Joseph’s Oratory on Friday, and was welcomed by the applause of 100 worshippers. “This morning, the fact that I was surrounded by a group of my confreres who were with me, and when I came in and people applauded, I felt strong enough,” he said. “My main concern was to do the celebration the best that I could.” The Montreal priest was stabbed March 22 by a 26-year-old man during morning mass, which was being streamed live on the internet. The accused, Vlad Cristian Eremia, faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a weapon and was sent to a psychiatric hospital this week for evaluation. He returns to court on April 26.

A skunk that somehow got its head stuck in a discarded can of beer is being cared for by veterinarians in Massachusetts. Animal control officers in Billerica posted a picture of the unfortunate critter on Twitter. They said it “amazing” that its head could fit into such a small opening and noted that it gave new meaning to the term “skunked beer.”  Police said the skunk was taken to Tufts Wildlife Clinic in North Grafton after being found Wednesday. The plan was to sedate the skunk before removing the aluminum can, and then monitor the animal for a few days before returning it to the wild.

Источник: Montrealgazette.com

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