Well-acted production of still-relevant classic To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird.  By Christopher Sergel, adapted from the novel by Harper Lee. Directed by Anne Somes. Canberra Repertory Society. Theatre 3, Repertory Lane, Acton. Bookings: canberrarep.org.au or 62571950. Until April 13.

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Jade Breen, left, Jamie Boyd, Jake Keen Jaiti Khosla, and Michael Sparks in To Kill A Mockingbird. Credit:Helen Drum

To Kill a Mockingbird is a deeply thoughtful piece about justice and human rights that has never, unfortunately, lost its relevance. Based on Harper Lee’s 1962 novel, the play is set in Alabama in 1935, where black man Tom Robinson (Jack Tinga) is about to be tried for rape and white lawyer Atticus Finch (Michael Sparks) is set to defend him in a courtroom where only white men will form the jury.

The genius of the story in the skilled hands of director Anne Somes is the way events are seen through the eyes of three children.

Widower Atticus has two, Scout (Jade Breen) and Jem (Jamie Boyd). They are joined by the clever but somewhat adrift Dill (Jake Keen) who finds some refuge with Atticus’s family. Black housekeeper Calpurnia (Jaiti Khosla) holds the household together with quiet domestic authority but the children, particularly the questioning Scout, are an odd bunch. It’s their growing up that is the main focus of the play as they begin to recognise the difficulties and injustices of the adult world.

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