‘Their right to do something’: Caroline Wilson demands AFL act on McGuire


“He is a club president so it is within their right to do something and they have done so in the past,» Wilson told 3AW.

“I’m just thinking off the cuff here but surely at the very least, Eddie could be asked to make a donation to the charity that Cynthia is a spokesman for. I mean that could be one thing that the AFL could insist that Eddie do.”

The AFL has thus far declined to comment if they would be taking any action against the Collingwood owner, however, a spokeswoman for the AFL said McGuire’s comments do not reflect the views or values of the organisation.

Eddie McGuire was openly critical of former journalist Cynthia Banham’s tossing of the coin at the Sydney Swans and Adelaide Crows match.

Eddie McGuire was openly critical of former journalist Cynthia Banham’s tossing of the coin at the Sydney Swans and Adelaide Crows match.

«Eddie McGuire [Friday] night reached out to Cynthia Banham, the Sydney Swans, and the AFL to apologise unreservedly for his inappropriate on-air comments,» she said.

«He acknowledges his comments caused distress.»


McGuire, no stranger to scandal, landed himself in hot water in 2016 after saying he would pay $50,000 to see Wilson stay under a pool of iced water and charge an extra $10,000 for «everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her».

On Saturday afternoon, McGuire said sorry for a second time.

‘‘I am deeply sorry and regretful for the comments I made last night about the coin tossing system,’’ McGuire said.

«I should never have spoken without properly viewing the footage.»

Sydney Swans chair Andrew Pridham has also called on the AFL to act and ‘‘show leadership’’ following the incident.

‘‘In the past, we’ve seen where the AFL has been far too slow to respond to things and not have a great feeling for what the community is thinking.

‘‘To do nothing, say nothing is highly inadequate,» he said.

Banham was a foreign affairs and defence correspondent for the The Sydney Morning Herald at the time of the Garuda Indonesia crash in March 2007 that killed 21 people and left her with burns to 60 per cent of her body.


She is now a Sydney Swans ambassador and holds a Doctorate in Philosophy – acquired after the 2007 crash – and a Masters in International Affairs.

McGuire also had earlier apologised “unreservedly” at half-time of the Fox Footy broadcast.

“It had nothing to do with Cynthia Banham, who was the coin tosser tonight at the SCG and has a disability,” he said.

“I just want to apologise if this was communicated in the wrong way, I did not mean to offend anyone, especially Cynthia, and I apologise unreservedly to her, her family and friends, Swans supporters and anybody watching tonight who took it that way. My apologies there, for that comment.”

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