Savage attack in Melbourne’s north leaves tourist with bleeding to the brain, broken jaw

«The victim regains consciousness and once that has occurred the male has continued to seriously assault the victim again to the point he is unconscious, standing over his body taunting him.»

The attacker left the man on the ground where he lay for around 20 minutes. Once he regained consciousness and got to his feet he walked to Bell Street where a passer-by called for an ambulance.

«Due to his injuries he required immediate surgery,» said Senior Detective Coleiro.

The man required brain surgery to treat internal bleeding and facial surgery because of his broken jaw.

The man is in his early 30s with a slim build and a dark beard.

The man is in his early 30s with a slim build and a dark beard.

He remains in hospital and can not recall the assault due to serious memory loss.

«It’s a terrifying assault that’s occurred. We don’t know why at this point, it appears to be unmotivated so far,» said Senior Detective Coleiro.

The victim was due to fly home to America on Saturday.

Police are now searching for the attacker. They are looking for a man in his 30s with a slim build, balding with short dark hair and a dark beard.

He was wearing a T-shirt with a white motif on the front, knee-length cargo shorts and was carrying a large backpack.




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