‘He broke me’: Court hears evidence from Graeme Curran’s alleged victim

Another of the charges relates to a «ritual» at Mr Curran’s home, where he would allegedly invite the boy to stay overnight, sleep nude in the same bed, then run his hands over the boy’s body.

On Thursday, Crown prosecutor Mark Hobart, SC, read from the transcript of the alleged victim’s evidence as he began his closing submissions to the jury.

Mr Curran is facing nine charges of assault with an act of indecency.

Mr Curran is facing nine charges of assault with an act of indecency.Credit:AAP

In the transcript, the complainant said Mr Curran had been the «most important male figure in my life» and he had «trusted him implicitly».

«I was like his son, I told him he was like my father,» he said.


He recounted being straddled by Mr Curran one Saturday morning and being told to relax while his naked body was massaged. He said he «had to just lie there» until the process abruptly ended, then he would be able to go downstairs and make breakfast.

«There was a bit of a mantra, I guess. He would be saying, ‘just relax, just relax, close your eyes’,» the man said.

«I was petrified. I was scared stiff. I felt like my body was rigid … frozen solid.»

Mr Hobart also read out that the man was «horrified» after Mr Curran pulled down his pants during the sailing trip and performed oral sex on him, adding that the man pushed Mr Curran away then cried himself to sleep.

Mr Hobart said after Mr Curran assaulted the man a final time, the man broke down and started «bawling my eyes out like it was the death of something inside me».

«I was broken,» the man said. «He broke me.»

Mr Hobart also referred to payments totalling more than $34,000, which Mr Curran made to the man between 2011 and 2013 for expenses including paying off debts. Giving evidence, Mr Curran denied the money was designed to stop the man going to police.

«It’s a lot of money to pay someone after all these years, 18 or 19 years, no contact,» Mr Hobart said.

«You might ask yourself, members of the jury, why would anybody do that? Why would you pay large amounts of money to someone who made complaints about you of a sexual nature?

«The Crown says that this conduct gives rise to a consciousness of guilt on behalf of the accused.»

The trial continues.

Georgina Mitchell is a court reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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