Filthy ‘Frenchy’ not to all tastes

The slender comedian with a mullet and classic Aussie larrikin attitude entered the stage to rock music and flashing lights. Early on in the piece, the Wollongong teacher-turned-comedian who built an audience via YouTube videos confessed he had “a filthy mouth and told dirty jokes”.

From child molestation and inbreeding to erectile dysfunction and masturbation, a constant effort was made to provoke and disturb.

But the show was punctuated with subtleties that made you think he might come clean and instil a moral lesson in his audience. “Do as to others as you would want a priest to do to you,” he said in an effort to illustrate it was unacceptable to heckle women from a car.

The lesson was followed by a string of jabs at child abuse within the church and the act finished with a signature “shoey” – skolling a beer from an audience member’s shoe.




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