Ex-pastor found guilty of manslaughter in death of pregnant wife

TORONTO — A former Toronto pastor accused of secretly sedating his pregnant wife before she drowned has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Jurors convicted Philip Grandine today after beginning deliberations yesterday.

Prosecutors alleged Grandine drugged his wife with the anti-anxiety medication lorazepam, better known as Ativan, so she wouldn’t be as vigilant while he continued an affair with her friend.

The Crown alleged he then did not prevent Anna Karissa Grandine from getting in a bath in her incapacitated state one night in October 2011.

Anna Grandine was 20 weeks pregnant when she drowned in the tub. Tests later revealed she had lorazepam in her blood despite never being prescribed the drug.

Defence lawyers had argued Anna Grandine took the medication herself and either slipped in the tub, hitting her head and drowning, or took her own life.

Источник: Nationalpost.com

Источник: Corruptioner.life


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