Bringing together the worlds of people and birds

Kati Thamo: Another language – works on paper. Beaver Galleries, 81 Denison Street, Deakin. Until April 7, 2019.

Of the five exhibitions that Kati Thamo has held at the Beaver Galleries, this is her strongest and most coherent.

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Kati Thamo — Sign language with birds, etching with watercolour, varied edition of 12 in Another language at Beaver Galleries. 

Although she was born in Western Australia in 1956, and has resided in that state for most of her life, the sensibility and narrative in Thamo’s printmaking reflect an Eastern European, and specifically a Hungarian, Transylvanian and Romanian, heritage.

Whereas in many of her previous works she has been preoccupied with fables and the creation of an anthropomorphic breed of animals that engage in human behaviour, in this exhibition birds, possums, butterflies and lizards are provided with a stronger and more independent voice of their own.




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